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Lymphoma (follicular lymphoma) showing the expression of CD10. CD10 is a marker of B-cell lineage and is expressed in a majority of follicular lymphomas, whereas reactive and hyperplastic lymph follicles express less CD10.

CD10 (MME) - Marker for acute lymphoblastic leukemia

CD-markers (Cluster of Differentiation) are antibodies that recognize cell surface antigens and antibodies detecting specific CD antigens are used in immunohistochemistry, mainly to distinguish different types of immune cells. CD10 (also named neprilysin) is encoded by the MME gene. CD10 is an enzyme that cleaves a number of different peptide hormones, thereby inactivating them (e.g. glucagon and oxytocin). CD10 is expressed by a wide variety of tissues, but is most strongly expressed by the kidneys and duodenum/small intestine. CD10 is a clinically used marker for endometrial stroma, hematopoetic progenitor cells and various hematologic diseases and malignancies, including acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

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