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Cecilia Lindskog, site director of the Tissue Atlas

In January 2015, the Tissue-based map of the human proteome by UhlÚn et al was published. According to Google Scholar, the paper already has more than 400 citations. In a recent editorial by Cecilia Lindskog, the potential utility of the Human Protein Atlas and the Tissue-based map is reviewed.

Cecilia Lindskog is site director of the Tissue Atlas, and you can read more about her and the Tissue Atlas in this blog post from May this year.

The current editorial is published in Expert Review of Proteomics, a journal that seeks to collect together technologies, methods and discoveries from the field of proteomics to advance scientific understanding of the many varied roles protein expression plays in human health and disease.

– I wanted to discuss the potential impact of the Human Protein Atlas, and show that the publically available web portal is a tremendous resource for many different areas of research, Cecilia Lindskog says.

The journal coverage includes, but is not limited to, overviews of specific technological advances in the development of protein arrays, interaction maps, data archives and biological assays, performance of new technologies and prospects for future drug discovery.

– Expert Review on Proteomics is an important journal for our field and an ideal channel to expose the Human Protein Atlas and show how it is providing comprehensive and detailed information on both protein and RNA expression across all major human organs and tissues, Cecilia Lindskog explains.

The editorial describes the contents of the publically available RNA-Seq and immunohistochemistry data sets, and several examples are given where research groups used Human Protein Atlas data for various aspects of both basic and clinical research.

In summary, Cecilia Lindskog concludes that the Human Protein Atlas provides an important resource for further exploration of human proteins with a spatial resolution.

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